Core Values

Quest Ministries Goals

[Revised 3.3.2020] 

1-Assist youth w/revelation from God for 
  • His love and His Blood Covenant as individual, in Marriage, and in Body of Christ
  •  Who They are in Christ 
  •  Understanding Power of God’s Written Word 
  •  Being Crucified and Resurrected w/Christ 
  •  Knowledge of and Understanding the Power of the Sacraments of the Faith 
  • Purpose Driven to Fulfill Great Commission 
  •  Modeling for Youth and Others a Godly Lifestyle by Demonstrating the Kingdom of God 

2-Encourage, Equip and Train up Youth 
  • To Seek the Kingdom of God & Become Kingdom Minded 
  • To Keep Current on Forgiveness and Repentance 
  •  To Glorify God with Their Lives and Become the Dwelling Place of God 
  • To Be Filled with Holy Spirit Doing Ministry Boldly operating in the Power of the Holy Spirit 
  • To Become Students of Miracles, Inheriting the Supernatural—Becoming Demonstrators of the Kingdom of God 
  • To Seek God’s Calling forTheir Lives and Walk in their Calling, Blameless, w/Integrity, Character, and Fruit of the Spirit 
  •  To Work Through a Local Church & Its Ministry 
  •  To Develop Christian World View—Global Christian Perspective
  • To Develop Heart for Evangelism/Outreach/Missions Becoming Multi-lilngual 
QM Core Values •
  • Nurture/Disciple Believers in the Word, Worship, Service, & Outreach 
  • Train-Up & Equip Body of Christ to Take Word and His Name to the World and Demonstrate the Kingdom of God 
  • Impart a Kingdom Perspective/Vision for Trinity 
  • Provide Opportunities for Lifelong Christian Friends 
  • Encourage body of Believers to Submit Their Vocation to God 
  • Encourage Learning Other Languages/Cultures to Facilitate Ministry Opportunities In Order to Reach More People Groups for the Kingdom of God. 
  • Encourage Body of Christ to Earnestly Seek to Become the Dwelling Place of God