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A note to parents and potential campers

We are writing a quick note on CAMPQUEST status and plans for June 21-25.   An overnight camp still does not appear to be possible at the campground, regretfully.  Our current t plans are to have a day camp, 9:45 am- 10 pm M-TH & 9:45 am- 11:30 pm Fri.  Should this change we shall call you. 

CampQuest will be open this summer and operate observing  NC guidelines.  We shall hold the day camp at our home church, Life Church, 1721 N. Charlotte  Ave, Monroe, NC 28110.  We hope to see your camper(s) at CQ 2021.  We have excellent Staff Volunteers and Junior Counselors, as well as the Best Kitchen Team ever assembled .  Tremendous men and women of God speaking, Awesome Worship Team (an epic signature of our ministry). All counselors, staff, kitchen crew, and jcs actually pay to be on the team, just like a mission project. As director, pastor, and Ministry President along with our team, we are prepared and committed to making this the greatest experience with the Spirit of God for everyone God sends our way.  And we realize sending children to camp is a personal family matter and we shall respect your decision. 

Prayer warriors have been praying for months for potential campers by name and every aspect of the  CAMPQUEST Ministry.  They, along with leadership  team members,  pray, we listen to Spirit of God as to how to go about this calling on our lives.  Be assured, it’s not on a personal whim.  We trust His Word and have stood relentlessly on Psalms 91 & 23, Lk 4:10, &  Prov. 3:5-6. We pray expectantly for the greatest spiritual encounter for campers and leadership team.  You who believe in this ministry can help by encouraging friends to bring their youth to camp. Pray with us for this tremendous week as we are saturated in presence of the Holy Spirit   As is customary, a welcome letter with updates and protocols for check-in and out will be sent to each family when we receive their application. Again, we are committed to do whatever it takes to protect and provide a tremendous camp experience  we look forward to seeing you and your camper(s) on June 21.  

Please feel free to call should you have further questions or concerns.  If you’d like to help that week please call me.   

His Beloved, 
Gerald & Charlene Broome

About Quest Ministries

QUESTMINISTRIES started in 1974 as an Interdenominational Christian Youth Ministry focused on music. Our Purpose Now Is To nurture/train young people to go out into their schools, communities, churches, and their world to impact a change, fulfilling the Great Comission while making lifelong Christian friends and unforgettable memories. Excitedly we celebrate 47 yrs.of Camp Ministry

Camp Quest

June 21-25 Fees $265, Group & Family Rates. Residential, $165 Day Camp. Camp with Cabins--Primary Focus on Worship Experience & Word. Service & Outreach Projects, Ice Skating, Bowling Swimming, Wilderness Games & Great Food. Ages 11-18.

International Quest

MEXICO MISSION 2021 is Sept. 21-30. Team flies out of Charlotte for Cancun In& drives to Felipe Carrillo Puerto on Yucatan Peninsula. Fee is $2955--includes airfare, meals, hotels, ground travel, Bibles, teaching materials, shirts, based on Team Size & airfare. It is for 14 yrs old up. Focus will be Round Table on Marriage Counseling, Prayer walks, Pastors’ and Youth Conferences, and Healing Services. It’s intense, challenging, stretching, and life-changing. Speakers, dramatists prayer warriors, anyone desiring to serve the Lord and reach out to others in His name. Mission Fees subject to change due to team size and airfare cost.. Mission funds are non-transferable, non-refundable & diverted to mission or ministry needs. Fund Raising & Prayer Support Packet Available.

Ministy Assistance Fund

Encourages financial and food donations from churches, civic groups, businesses, & individuals. This enables QM to keep cost down on Camp. Camper assistance is available on individual basis, depending on availability of funds. CQ makes every effort to avoid denying a potential camper opportunity to come.

Be a People-Builder... Join our team

QM Uses Student/Adult VOLUNTEERS at CAMP QUEST, Mexico Missions. Volunteers includes cabin counselors, worship team, games, KP, Food Prep, Drivers, Prayer Warriors, Project Leaders, and Camper Assistants. Volunteers must be 17 yrs or older & 11th, 12th grades or graduated & complete QM training. QM Belief Statement & Core Values are posted to our Website.